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Giving facility administrators the freedom of choice for technology, products, and pricing.

About Us

Started by a retired Warden and Sheriff; we have been in your shoes! Our founding members collectively enjoy over 75 years of experience in global sourcing and supply chain management, 50 years in corrections management, 50 years in accounting, and 50 years in fulfillment and logistics. “Store Call” was started to ignite the change we wanted to see in the industry regarding commissary services.

Our focus is to bring positive change in the industry by reducing the number of outages and credits that are seen across the market. We strive to be the change we want to see by maintaining open communication with customers and fixing their problems.




Freedom of Choice- sounds good doesn’t it? With our strategic partnerships we are able to give you different options regarding the technology in your facilities. Contact us to come out and visit your facility or get on a call.



Providing correctional facilities with a pick and pack service for commissary orders placed by the inmates. We will carry commodities such as coffee, instant soup, chips, cookies, personal hygiene items, exc. We will pick and individually wrap each inmate’s order and deliver it to the correctional facility.

We are the future of commissary in the correctional industry.

Say goodbye to cookie cutter commissary and being saddled to certain brands. With “The Store Call”, facility administrators can custom build their technology solutions, facility menus, and even the product pricing.  Our company was built by listening to your pain points and designing solutions to correct them. We have partners, not customers and you are on the ever-evolving design team.

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Our wholesale partner provides supplies and services for correctional and detention facilities benefiting the staff and residents. We provide service, quality, and value while supporting local and state proactive and preventative initiatives.